July 2018 Press Release

MAST’s 2018 will be interesting as many positive events have occurred in the last several months and coming months including the following:

1) August  2017 – Award of 7.62mm M172 DDI round from Rock Island, Il contract number W52P1J-17-C-0046. This inert round is used to clear the M134 Minigun.
2)  July 2018 – MAST’s 28th year Anniversary
3) September 2018 – MAST’s 15th anniversary of M81 Igniter contracts/manufacturing. MAST was originally awarded the M81 in September 2003. We have been manufacturing with an automated assembly machine since 2010. The M81 Program customers include U.S. Army prime contracts, Ensign Bickford USG sub-contracts to include M21 and M23 assemblies, other commercial and other international contracts. MAST and its partners have exported M81’s to over a dozen countries.