Happy Birthday MAST! – 27 years old

I am a little more than 30 days late on wishing MAST Happy Birthday/Anniversary.  It has been an interesting 27 years, with many twists and turns.  My first words about MAST were to ‘stop it,’ when I first heard my father was starting up another business in 1990.  Ironically, I have been at the helm of MAST longer than my father.  MAST has been ‘my baby’ since 1999.  We had a brief stint with an outside CEO, however that was closer to shared custody.

The main topic on my mind right now is the several thousand views (and still climbing) of my post on LinkedIn regarding our award of 7.62mm M172 Inert Dummy ammunition.  The bigger surprise is that 5 of 9 leading viewing Companies/Defense Contractors, whom have viewed the post.  I have no contacts nor contracts at those companies.  We have just received our first orders from 2 of these 9 Big Defense Dogs in the last 9 months!  So, for all the new companies in the Defense sector, you better plan on around 25 successful years before you will gain wide acceptance.

This has also served as a reminder that I need to keep knocking on those doors.  I’m sure there have been dozens of opportunities I have missed in the last 12 months, all because I have not hit the pavement hard enough or shared the right message.  I’m not sure if what the right message is:

  • Mil-Spec custom loading of ammunition and ordnance
  • Mil-Spec Dummy Ammunition
  • Mil-Spec Packaging of ammunition and ordnance items
  • Mil-Spec Load, Assemble and Pack
  • Commercial versions of all of the above
  • ????????

Please contact me at jbell3@mast.bz if you think you have the answer.

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