August 2019 Press Release

  1. Late 2018 – MAST finished production on base year of 9mm SMAW Spotter Tracer contract for NAMMO-Talley. This round is the reason why MAST was founded, and we are still making it 28 years later.
  2. Late 2018 – significant business in .50 caliber ammunition – loading, linking and packing for multiple customers.
  3. December 2018 – MAST finishes the year in a strong way with over $10 million in revenue and strong profit.
  4. January to May – MAST perseveres through ATF challenges with re-classification of M781 as FEL
  5. January – MAST has leadership changes with an outside CEO to lead team in new directions to include Merger and Acquisition. Jay Bell to re-focus on Sales, Business Development, Proposals and Marketing to drive the revenue upward
  6. July – Jay re-assumes role as President & CEO
  7. July – MAST has its 29 year anniversary